5th of July Solidarity Banners Action CALL OUT

[This callout showed up on indymedia soooo go and make banners!]

Three of our comrades in solidarity with migrants without papers are opposing to be identified. Our friends should be nobbled for sacrifying their time in resistance in this racist policy of intimidation.

That’s why we should show as much as possible solidarity with them. That’s why we call ( aside from other actions ) for massive solidarity banners action.
Do not ignore it ! They’re there for us and for migrants without papers. We should be here for them. Solidarity is our strength. If You will decide for such heroic step, You also would like that the movement would support You strongly. Just do it now. Let the banners shout from every squat !

PS: For those places what can’t hang the banner i would suggest to stick the posters in the windows.
PS2: Maybe to do together banner making, workshop/session could be provided some place, material and time

NOTE: Some parts of the call out were consciously left out because we felt they were highly unappropriate.
Somebody posted this comment on indymedia that explaines this point pretty well..

NN1612 – 31.07.2011 19:58

Although I strongly support the three comrades that are still in jail, I was rather shocked by the KSU-Oost call-out. Now I did consider going to their hangout this week to just tell them personally, but since Indymedia seems to be also read by people out of Amsterdam I decided to put this as ‘aanvulling’ here. [Sorry voor de rant-gehalte.]

First of all, as one of those who had the doubtful privilege of sharing the H wing of the bajesboot with them for a while, I have to oppose the “our friends should be nobbled for sacrifying their time” and other pseudo heroic crap: these guys know quite well what they are doing and why they are there, and definitely don’t consider themselves heroes (‘ze hebben echt geen kapsones’, is what I mean to say). Yes they need and deserve our solidarity, yes they are victims of an absurd policy, but no, they do not pretend to be heroes, so don’t make them so.

Secondly, stating that “the reason for [jailing them] is just that they’re suspected for not being born in EU” is obviously missing the point. Worse, it’s just repeating the official propaganda. The reason they are being kept there is for being stubborn in their refusal of cooperating. They are “opposing to be identified”, yes, and they do this not only in solidarity with undocumented migrants, but also generally as a statement against state-repression and totalitarian measures such as the ID-law. _That_ is the reason why they are being jailed under the foreign law: if the authorities could jail them under normal law they would, but since ‘not cooperating’ is not forbidden (yet), using the controversial foreign law is clearly a ‘clever trick’ to crack down the resistance against increasing state control (ID-law, DNA-law, digital data retention law, enz).

Thirdly, and lastly, writing that “before, government was intimidating people because of the shape of their nose. Now it’s doing it because lack of papers.” is really embarrassing. Do I need to elaborate? You could say that this government, with the Party for Freedom in their shadow, now shows how much freedom they actually tolerate when it comes to privacy and the right to protest. You could say that it’s reminiscent of how so-called ‘liberal’ ideologies unmask themselves as truly authoritarian and totalitarian when they impose financial ‘adjustment programs’ on countries already crippled by the holy ‘free market’. You could say… a lot, and still avoid making a fool of all of us by crying out that “squatters are the new jews” (or niggers, muslims, whatever).

Jailing ‘foreigners’ simply for not having the right piece of paper is wrong, wrong enough to refuse to let yourself be ID-ed.

Deporting undocumented migrants to some place they don’t want to go to is wrong, wrong enough to organize resistance against foreign detention.

Jailing people simply for refusing to collaborate is wrong, wrong enough to start a solidarity campaign with them and other victims of foreign detention.

So don’t you dare giving me shit about the shape of my nose, you punk!

In solidarity, NN1612

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