About us / Over ons

On the 5th of july 9 squats were evicted in Amsterdam. In front of the Schijnheilig, a squated political/cultural freespace, people resisted the eviction by putting up barricades and blocking the streets. The police cleared the streets with extreme violence and then mass-arrested up to 150 people.

Everyone that was identified has been released. Some that have been accused of violent disorder have courtcases coming up, more information on that as it comes in.

Right now 3 of our friends remain in foreign detention centres because they refuse to identify themselves. There they can be kept for up to one and a half year.

We want our friends to be released NOW.

And obviously it won’t end there. The day all of our friends are out we urge everyone to keep fighting against the disgusting racist migration policies of the Dutch government.

The 5th of july solidaritynetwork website is here to gather and centralise all information about our friends in prison and to report about all solidarity actions that happen.

The 5th of july solidaritynetwork is nothing but a name. Anyone that organises an action in support of our friends can use this name (or any other, or none..). We urge people to organise actions in support of our friends. ANYTHING goes!

Organise solidaritydemonstrations at the prisons, hand out flyers in the streets to inform people about the situation of our friends, organise picketlines at the companies that are profiting from the prison society or attack the repressive state institution of your choice. The 5th of july solidaritynetwerk is YOU.

All action reports/pictures, claims, communiques  etc. can be send to:
5thofjulysolidarity [at] riseup [dot] net