Thursday 13-07-11
Meet-up to talk about what happened
19.30 @MKZ (Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam)

Monday 18-07-11
Vreemdelingenbewaring Toetsing 9.00 @Rechtbank (Vrouwe Justitiaplein 1, Utrecht)

Every Thursday
Activistische Salon 20.00 @Vondelbunker (Vondelpark 8a, Amsterdam)

Tuesday 02-08-11
Solidaritydemo at the detention centre in Zaandam! Don’t miss!
Gathering at 19:00 @ haarlemmerplein (bring your bikes!)

Saturday 06-08-11
ABC Soupcafe / letterwriting / Discussion / Solibar
@ MKZ (1ste schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam)
18:00 – Soupcafe / letterwriting
19:30 – Presentation and open discussion on building up a solidaritycampaign for our friends
After this you can have a drink.
All benefits will be used for the campaign and to support other groups dealing with repression.


Als je iets publiekelijks organiseert voor onze vrienden of omtrent de repressie van 5 juli, laat het ons weten en we zetten het hier zo spoedig mogelijk in de agenda.


If you organise anything public concerning our friends or anything else related to the repression from the 5th of july, please let us know and we’ll put it up as soon as possible.